Q1: How do I record a song on Tyunami?

A1: Tap the microphone icon at the bottom of your screen to go to the Record tab. Next, tap the Start Recording button and give those vocal ‘chords’ a workout. To truly sound awesome though, check out our pro tips BEFORE you get started.

Q2: Is there a limit to how long my recordings can be?

A2: At Tyunami, we like to call your completed recordings Tyunes. Each recording (Tyune) can be a maximum of 6 minutes long.

Q3: How do I stop a recording?

A3: Tap the pause button on your screen. From here, you can now choose to Resume the recording from where you left off, Quit and discard the recording, or Finish the recording and move on to the next step. Once you click Finish & Next, you cannot go back to resume your recording.

Q4: How do I trim a recording?

A4: You can adjust the yellow markers at either end of the track to trim your recording, i.e. edit out parts from the beginning or the end of the recording. Once you tap on Trim and Continue, your previous, full recording will no longer be retrievable on Tyunami.

Q5: How do I use a filter on my recording?

A5: This works best with headphones. Once you've trimmed your recording, experiment with our imaginatively engineered audio filters to find the right tone for your recording. Then choose a filter you think works best, or leave your recording in all its original glory. And just like that, your Tyune is ready.

Q6: How do I fine-tune a filter I have applied on my recording?

A6: Once you have applied a filter, use the 'FX Level' slider to finely adjust the audio effects to work best with your recording. Once this is done, your Tyune is nearly ready!

Q7: Do I HAVE to provide a display picture for my Tyune?

A7: No, but it helps. Adding a display picture to your Tyune customises the way it lists on Tyunami. The image that you choose displays alongside your Tyune while people are browsing through Tyunami. Tyunes with interesting display pictures will likely get more listens than Tyunes without one. If you don't add a display picture, Tyunami will set a default display picture for your Tyune.

Q8: What should my Tyune description include?

A8: Tell us what your Tyune is about, whether it is an original song, a cover, or just a goofy creative outburst. While you’re at it, add a relevant hashtag in your description to help other users when they are searching for Tyunes on Tyunami.

Q9: Can I edit the details on my Tyune at a later stage?

A9: Yes. When listening to a Tyune, tap the player at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap the menu (three vertical dots) at the top right of the screen and choose Edit on the menu to change your Tyune's details.

Q10: How do I categorize my Tyune?

A10: We know how hard it can be to put each individual style into one specific kind of genre. That’s why, on Tyunami, you can choose up to 2 languages and 4 genres to categorise your Tyune.

Q11: What does it mean if I make my Tyune public?

A11: When saving your Tyunes, you can choose to make them public or keep them private. A public Tyune is discoverable, which means anybody can listen to the Tyune. Only public Tyunes can be made available for jamming, and featured in Tyunami Picks. A private Tyune, on the other hand, can only be seen and heard by you.

Q12: If I make my Tyune open for Jamming, why should I specify what I have used in it?

A12: If multiple other users jam over your Tyune, we like to make sure that each and every one of you get your due credit for what you have contributed. In order to make that happen, it's important for you to specify exactly what instrument you have used.

Q13: What happens if I select the option to notify Tyunami and get featured?

A13: We check every new Tyune on Tyunami and feature the best Tyunes on our Tyunami Picks section. This is a curated list of what we at Tyunami consider the best Tyunes and is updated regularly. If you think your talent deserves faster recognition, you can notify us, and we'll get to your Tyune a little bit quicker.

Q14: Can I record video along with my audio?

A14: Yes. Before you start recording, there is a video on/off toggle button on the screen. Use the button to choose to record with video. If you aren't able to see the video button, perhaps your current device operating version doesn't support video. Video is not supported on devices running Android (4.2) Jellybean or older.

Q15: Can I switch my video from front-facing to back-facing, and vice-versa?

A15: Yes. Simply use the camera switch button to switch from front-facing to back-facing, or vice-versa.

Q16: Where do I check to see if my Tyune has been posted successfully?

A16: When your Tyune is successfully published, you will receive a notification from us. Also, you may view all the Tyunes (audio & video) that you have posted on Tyunami from the My Account tab. To do this, tap the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Q17: Why is it taking so long for my Tyune to get posted?

A17: Your Tyune may take some time to get posted depending on the speed of your internet connection and the length of your Tyune.

Q18: Which devices support video?

A18: Video is supported on all phones that are running Android OS 4.3 and above.

Q19: Why can't I see the video feature on my device?

A19: Unfortunately, video isn't supported on all devices just yet. If your phone is using an Android version lower than 4.3, you won't be able to record a video along with your audio.

Q20: How do I share my Tyune?

A20: After you upload your Tyune, you can choose to save the Tyune to your device and/or share it with others. By tapping the share button, you can choose a platform to share your Tyune on. And don't worry, friends who aren't on Tyunami can also experience your Tyunes on our web-based player via a link that is generated by the app.

If you want to share a Tyune at a later time, play a Tyune on your profile page. The player will expand. Now, at the top-right of the screen, you will see the share icon, which you can use to share your Tyune with friends and family on a platform of your choice.

If you would rather download your Tyune and upload it directly to another platform like Youtube or Soundcloud, Tyunami allows you to do this as well. Hit the download button at the top right of the Tyune detail screen to quickly download your Tyune to your phone.

Q21: I have a recording on my phone. Can I upload it to Tyunami and use filters?

A21: For sure! Go to the Record tab and tap From Library. You will see a File Manager listing all directories (folders) on your device. Click on the directory (folder) where you have saved the file to upload it. Once uploaded, you can trim the recording and apply filters as you would with any other recording on Tyunami. You can upload only AUDIO files in the following formats:

  • MP3
  • WAV
  • M4A
  • AAC

Please note: You can only upload a recording of your own performance. Recordings of by other artistes, original film or album songs, recordings of live shows etc are not permitted. Any recording deemed inappropriate by the management may be unpublished at its sole discretion.

Q22: I posted a Tyune by accident. How do I delete it?

A22: Not to worry. Open the Tyune. Now, tap the menu icon (three vertical dots) at the top-right corner of the screen, and then tap Delete to remove a Tyune from Tyunami. Please note the Tyune may continue to remain on our servers, but will not be visible to anyone.

Q23: I can't find a recording I had uploaded.

A23: All your published Tyunes (public and private) can be found under the My Tyunes tab of the My Account section. If you find that a Tyune you had published is missing, it is possible that we may have taken it down because:

  • It violated someone else's copyright
  • It was reported and found to be offensive
  • It was not a recording of your own performance, but perhaps the original song itself or a live show recording.

Sorry to pull rank but the management decision on taking down a Tyune is final.

Q24: I tried uploading a Tyune and the upload failed. What do I do now?

A24: If your upload fails for any reason, you can either hit the Retry button or choose to upload it at a later time (useful if your data connection is somewhat unstable). If you choose to upload later, your Tyune will be visible in the 'My Tyunes' tab in your Account, from where you can manually upload it whenever convenient!

Q25: I completed a recording and Tyunami crashed on one of the later screens. How do I recover my recording?

A25: If Tyunami crashes after you finish recording, don't worry! If you navigate back to the Record screen, Tyunami will give you the opportunity to pick up right where you left off.


Q1:What is jamming in Tyunami?

A1: Jamming is a powerful feature that allows you to sing or play your own music over someone else's Tyune, and mix them together with great control over volume balance, effects and direction, allowing you to create realistic, good quality stereo recordings with the utmost ease.

Q2:How do I jam in Tyunami?

A2: There are 2 locations from which you can choose to jam with others' Tyunes:

  • Discover Screen: Tyunes that are available for jamming are labeled 'Jam Tyunes' and they have a button titled 'Jam Now', visible both in the feed and in their details' screen. If you'd like to look through available Jam Tyunes, you can do so by navigating to the 'Jam Tyunes' tab.
  • Record Screen: Alternatively, you can find all available Jam Tyunes in the Jam Tab of the record screen.
Q3: There are so many Jam Tyunes and I don't have the time to listen to all of them. Is there any way to filter them to find exactly what I want?

A3: Yes, in both the 'Jam Tyunes' tab in Discover, and the 'Jam' tab of the Record Screen, you can apply search filters to find Jam Tyunes that contain (or do not contain) an instrument or a set of instruments, so as to narrow down your search. For example, if you're looking for a Tyune that doesn't have vocals, you can easily apply the corresponding search filter to find all relevant results.

Q4: I really want to jam on a Tyune but the pitch is a bit too high/low for me. What do I do?

A4: Once you choose a Tyune to jam on, hit the Jam Now button and wait for Tyunami to set up the Jam Room. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Once done, you can use our Transpose function to adjust the pitch of the Jam Tyune and preview it until it's perfect for you. The maximum possible adjustment is +/- 6 semitones.

Q5: Why should I perform the latency check?

A5: Unfortunately, many devices generally suffer from recording lag problems which would cause your recording to be out of sync with the Jam Tyune. Performing the Latency check will allow Tyunami to calculate the lag of your device and automatically compensate for it. It is recommended that you do this before every jam.

Q6: Is it necessary for me to use headphones while recording my jam?

A6: It is recommended that you use a pair of headphones to listen to the Jam Tyune while you record over it. This is because the sound from the phone loudspeaker would leak into the microphone and spoil the quality of your recording, making it harder to obtain an awesome sounding jam.

Q7: My recording and the Jam Tyune are out of sync. What do I do?

A7: Despite our best efforts, automatic calibration is not always 100% accurate, and sometimes sync issues may still remain. But no worries, in order to correct this we have provided you with a manual slider on the Enhance screen that allows you to sync your Tyune to perfection. Moving the slider left will make your Tyune earlier, and vice versa.

Q8: My recording is too loud/soft as compared to the Jam Tyune. What do I do?

A8: It is possible to change the balance between the levels of your Tyune and the Jam Tyune. All you have to do is open the 'Balance' tab on the Enhance screen and adjust the slider until the levels are perfect. Please note that it is better to do this AFTER you have selected an audio effect, as different effects can change the balance quite dramatically.

Q9: What is the use of the Soundstage tab? // Is it possible for me to pan my Tyune and the jam Tyune to different locations? // Can I make my jam stereo?

A9: Tyunami makes it possible for you to create a more realistic sounding stereo recording by allowing you to position your Tyune and the Jam Tyune in different positions (from left to right) to create a two-dimensional effect. Cycle through our Sound Stage presets with your headphones on, until you find one that sounds best for your jam!

Q10: Why do I need to specify what I have used in my Tyune?

A10: We like to keep track of everyone who has contributed to a Jam Tyune, so we can give them all credit for it in the Tyune description. It also helps us filter your searches more effectively, increasing the chances of helping you find the Jam Tyune you're looking for.

Q11: I don't want anyone else to be able to jam on my Tyune. How do I prevent this?

A11: There's a slider to disable this on the 'Personalize' screen, if you don't want anyone else to contribute to your Tyune. But we don't recommend doing this. After all, the beauty of it is the magic of musical fusion!

Q12: My Tyune sounds great but I want people to add more music to it. How do I invite others to jam on my Tyune?

A12: Once your Tyune is uploaded, a button 'Invite Now' will appear on the Upload screen. When you press that button, you will be taken to a screen where you can choose whom you would like to invite to jam on your Tyune, and create a brief message for the invitees. However, if you'd like to invite more people later, you can always do this from the Tyune details screen or the Notifications screen too.

Q13: I was uploading a Tyune and the upload failed. What do I do?

A13: If your upload fails midway, don't worry! You haven't lost your Tyune. You can choose to either retry uploading immediately or upload later, perhaps over a better internet connection. Tyunes you choose to upload later can be found in the 'My Tyunes' section of your account, where you can either upload them or delete them.


Q1: How are Tyunami Picks selected?

A1: Every time a user posts on Tyunami, we take the time to listen to the Tyune. If it makes our toes tingle, we display it on Tyunami Picks where we showcase all the best content on the platform.

Q2: Which Tyunes are listed under Popular?

A2: Tyunes that are viewed, liked, favourited or reposted the most will show up in the Popular tab.

Q3: How will Tyunami recommend Tyunes for me?

A3: Tyunami recommends Tyunes based on your listening, liking and favourite-ing patterns, and your genre and search preferences.

Q4: Can I browse for Tyunes based on a single language or genre?

A4: Yup. You can pick a language and a genre on the Genre page in the Listen tab, and then continue to browse through a filtered list of Tyunes. The number shown within brackets indicates the total number of Tyunes within that genre.

Q5: How many genres can I explore at the same time?

A5: You can either explore content belonging to all genres within a given language (Show All) or browse each genre individually depending on what you’re looking for.

Q6: Can I filter out covers and look for only original content?

A6: Yes, we have an entire section dedicated to original Tyunes by Tyunami users. You can browse the Original Compositions tab to find new, original Tyunes.

Connecting With Others

Q1: Why do I need to switch my GPS on for Tyunami?

A1: Whoever said you need to go solo to make music?! Turning on GPS while using Tyunami helps you find other users near you, and listen to their Tyunes. You can send these artists messages, and explore the possibility of collaborating with them.

If you choose not to enable GPS, the ‘Around You’ tab will not update itself automatically as you relocate.

Q2: How can I contact other Tyunami users?

A2: Tyunami has a nifty messaging feature that allows you to send messages to other users. To get started, tap the Notification tab and then open the Messages section. To start a new conversation, you can tap the plus sign at the bottom right, and select users you would like to message.

If you're on the profile page of the person you'd like to get in touch with, hit the 'Message' button to quickly write them a direct personal message!

Q3: How will I know if somebody has sent me a message?

A3: The Notifications tab will alert you when you receive a new message. You can also toggle Push notifications for the same.

Q4: How do I find friends who are already on Tyunami?

A4: Your Profile tab has a useful Find Friends option. You can either search for a friend by looking up their name, or link your Tyunami account to Facebook to find more friends who use the app.

Q5: How can I follow a user?

A5: If you enjoy an artist’s Tyunes and want to keep up with their Tyunami posts, you can tap the plus icon alongside the display picture, and voila, you'll see all the artist’s latest Tyunes in your Tyunami feed.

Q6: Will I be informed every time an artist I follow adds a new Tyune?

A6: Yes, based on your notification settings (Profile>Settings>Notification Preferences), you will be alerted when an artist you follow uploads a new Tyune.

Q7: What is the difference between a Like and a Favourite?

A7: While listening to a Tyune, you can choose to tap on the heart icon, to like a song, or on the star icon, to list it as one of your favourites. While your likes will help us sort out the Popular Picks on Tyunami, any Tyune that you favourite will automatically show up on your Profile tab under Favourites. Please remember, it isn't good to toot your own horn, so you can't favourite your own song! ;)

Q8: Is there any way for me to appreciate a Tyune apart from hitting Like or Favourite?

A8: If you'd like to tell Tyunami artists just how much you enjoy their Tyunes, you can choose to either comment on their Tyunes, or send them personal messages. You could repost a Tyune on your own timeline, or even share it via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or plain old text messaging.

Q9: How will I know if other Tyunami users are following me?

A9: You get a notification on Tyunami every time a new user Follows you on the app (as long as you haven't switched off this notification in settings). The number of fans you have automatically gets updated on your Profile.

Q10: Will I be notified when somebody likes, comments on, reposts, or shares my Tyunes?

A10: Yes, based on your notification settings (Profile>Settings>Notification Preferences), you will be alerted when somebody likes, comments on, reposts, or shares your Tyunes.

Q11: Is it possible to Unfollow an artist on Tyunami?

A11: Although we don't advise it, because every artist is only as good as his or her loyal fans, it is possible to unfollow an artist on Tyunami. You can do this from your Profile tab. Tap the Following page, and then select the menu icon to the right of the artist's name. Tap the Unfollow button, and the artist will be removed from your Following list, as well as your My Feed page.

Q12: A Tyunami user keeps spamming me with messages. Can I block them?

A12: If you choose to block a Tyunami user, you will no longer be able to send them messages or view their Tyunes, and they won't be able to send you messages or view your Tyunes either. The two of you will cease to exist for each other on the app. If you're sure you want to block a user, you can do so by tapping the menu icon (three vertical dots) on the user's profile, and then selecting the Block option.

My Account

Q1: Can other Tyunami users view the details on my profile page?

A1: Your fans and other Tyunami users can view your profile by tapping your profile image that appears below your Tyunes, or by searching for you, or by selecting your name from the list of people they follow. They will be able to view your name, your profile image, your Tyunes, your favourite Tyunes, the total number of Tyunes you have, the number of fans you have, and the number of people you follow.

Q2: Why must I fill in the 'About Me' section?

A2: As Tyunami is essentially a social network for musicians, it's a great way to find individuals to jam with on Tyunami, as well as work with in real life. The 'About Me' section is a great place to showcase the various skills you have, be it teaching, recording, production, etc. The more information you provide us with about yourself, the easier it is for other users to find you using our Networking feature, and the more enjoyable your overall Tyunami experience will be.

Q3: What does it mean when I mark myself 'Available for Jamming'?

A3: If you mark yourself 'Available for Jamming', it's a really quick and cool way of letting others now whether you're open to real-life collaboration. Users available for jamming will have a small marker next to their name indicating this.

Q4: Can I change my profile picture, username, name, and/or about me details at any point?

A4: Yes, you can tap the Profile tab at the bottom right of your screen, and then tap the settings (gear) icon at the top right of the profile page. Then choose to Edit User Profile, and change your details as required. Don't forget to Save Changes before leaving the page.

Q5: How do I change my Tyunami password?

A5: Change your Tyunami password at any time by visiting your profile and then selecting the settings (gear) icon at the top right corner. Select Change Password, and once you enter your existing password, you will be able to type in a new and improved password. The next time you login to your account, you can use the new password.

Q6: How do I sign out of my Tyunami account on the app?

A6: Select the settings (gear) icon at the top right of your profile to reach your profile settings. From here, you can simply tap the Logout option, and you will immediately be signed out of your account.

Q7: I've forgotten my password so I'm unable to sign in. What should I do?

A7: We know how hard it is to keep up with all your passwords. If you've forgotten your Tyunami password, don't worry. Let us know you need a little help by choosing the Forgot Password? option. Once you enter your mobile number, we'll send you an OTP, which will allow you to reset your password.


Q1: I'm looking for individuals who have a certain set of skills. Is there any way I can quickly find them on Tyunami?

A1: Of course! Navigate to the network tab (second tab from the left after Discover). You'll be able to see a list of filters allowing you to search for other users based on skills they have to offer, and whether they're available for jamming. You can directly visit their profile page from here, browse their Tyunes and send them a message if you like.

Registration Process

Q1: Why do I need to sign up to use Tyunami?

A1: If you'd like to get in touch with other creative peers, we'd suggest that you create a Tyunami account, upload your Tyunes, and find others who share your taste in music. If you don't want to register, don't worry, you can Continue as Guest, and browse through the Tyunes we have, but you won't be able to upload your own content, or get in touch with other users.

Q2: Are there any specific password requirements that I need to follow?

A2: No, we don't require you to add 4 different types of emojis to your password. You can use any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to create your own unique Tyunami password. As long as you think it will keep other people out of your account, we're absolutely okay with it.

Q3: Why do you need my email address? Won't my mobile number be enough?

A3: By giving us your email address, you give us a chance to reach you easily, and keep you up to date on the latest on Tyunami.

Q4: If I provide you with my email id, why do I also need to provide my mobile number?

A4: We'll send an OTP to your mobile number for verification, so it's important that you correctly share your contact details with us. With your email address and mobile number registered on Tyunami, you give us the info we need to provide you with the best possible service.

Q5: If I choose to join with Facebook, will you automatically post my Tyunes on my Facebook Timeline?

A5: No, we would never post on Facebook without your permission. Your Tyunes will be shared to Facebook only if you explicitly do so.

Q6: Will my Tyunes automatically be uploaded to my Google Plus Circles if I choose to register with Google Plus?

A6: Tyunami won't post anything to your Circles without your explicit consent.


Q1: Is there a search feature I can use to find Tyunes easily?

A1: Yes, if you'd like to search for a particular song, simply scroll up, and a search bar will appear at the top of your screen. Start typing and you're ready to search for a particular song title, Tyunes by a particular Tyunami user, Tyunes of songs by a particular artist, or even a song description with a specific hash tag.

Q2: What's the difference between People and Artists?

A2: You can search for other Tyunami users from our People tab, and search for Tyunes of songs originally by well-established singers or bands from our Artists tab.

Q3: How will a hashtag help me search for a song?

A3: While uploading songs on Tyunami, users are able to add hashtags to their recording descriptions. You can then look for songs that include a particular hashtag in their descriptions, allowing you to find Tyunes that belong to a particular type or genre with ease.


Q1: While viewing/listening to a Tyune, I realised that the content was quite explicit. Can I report this?

A1: Yes, if you find that a Tyune has explicit content, and ought to be removed from Tyunami, you can choose to report the song. Tap the player at the bottom of the page to expand the player. Then, select the menu icon (three vertical dots) at the top right of the page and report the song.

Q2: I blocked a user by accident. How do I unblock them?

A2: Don't worry. If you've blocked a user by accident, or decided to forgive them for criticizing your song, you can unblock them from your profile. Tap the settings (gear) icon at the top right of your profile page, and then tap the Blocked Users option. A list of the users you have blocked will appear, and you can select the menu (three vertical dots) icon to the right of their name, and choose to unblock them.

Q3: Is there any way to ensure that my Tyunes are of a good quality?

A3: On Tyunami, it's all about the way you sound. To get the most out of your recording, we'd suggest you follow the following Pro Tips:

  • Record in a medium sized, well furnished room for the best sound.
  • Use an external microphone for superior results.
  • Stay away from hard surfaces.
  • Move the microphone away during loud parts of the song.
  • The microphone should ideally be a minimum of 8 inches away from you, and at a slight angle to avoid pops.
  • Your posture matters. Stand up straight with the phone/mic directly in front of you.
  • Choose from our palette of filters in the “Enhance” screen to tailor your sound.
  • Use headphones while choosing enhancements.

You can view these tips at any time from the Record tab on the app.

Q4: I find the recording is too soft while I put it through filters. How can I correct this?

A4: While you're reviewing your recording with filters, you can also adjust the volume of your recording to your taste.

Q5: I have an iPhone, can I download Tyunami from the App Store?

A5: Unfortunately, Tyunami is currently only available on Google's PlayStore, and is not available for iOS users just yet.

Q6: I have some feedback about the app. How do I share this with you?

A6: We're always happy to hear from you. Feel free to review us on the Play Store. If you find you aren't particularly enjoying the app, we would really appreciate it if you could fill out a brief feedback form (from our periodic pop-ups.) If you have any specific ideas on how you'd like us to change the app, or make it better, you can drop us an email at

Q7: I have a few other queries about the app. Can I get in touch with you directly to sort out my issues?

A7: Sure, we'd be happy to extend the support you need. Send us an email on, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.